IARA Goals

Goals of the Organization

  • Facilitate & foster cooperation, communication, and commonality of purpose among every association, organization, and company involved in the remarketing of used vehicles.
  • Provide an Umbrella organizational structure for all vehicle remarketing industry associations, institutions, and related groups
  • Function as a representative body for the automotive manufacturers, vehicle funders, dealership management, and channel participants who offer, consign, or market used vehicles to auto auctions and remarketing services for resale.
  • Serve as a Central Clearing house for Industry issues, objectives, & problems, projects, opportunities, communications and trends
  • Monitor & publicize the development and application of industry technology products and services as a part of management training & education programs.
  • Develop, sponsor, and present management training & educational programs for Industry management and member-company personnel
  • Establish and promote programs that recognize and reward excellence in vehicle remarketing sales performance, management, and industry achievement.
  • Offer membership, representation, & a constituency to, from & for every segment and qualified company in the Used Vehicle Market Supply Chain.
  • Act as a Used Vehicle Industry Forum for Automotive Market issues impacting the entire membership of the organization
  • Migrate toward acting as a Global Coordinator of Used Vehicle Remarketing activities, events, and cross-border issues.

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