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Post-Sale Activities


Course Details
CAR-14: Arbitration This module covers arbitration activities as part of the remarketing process. The seller can always establish, or design, his/her own criteria for arbitration with the selling venue.
CAR-15: Title Process The candidate will learn the definition of a title and when, where, why, and how a title is used. A caveat, however: this course is not meant to be all-inclusive or to cover all possibilities that may be encountered in the titling process. Every state has its own set of titling rules and regulations; therefore, anyone involved in titling work should become familiar with his or her state requirements.
CAR-16: Benchmarking Strengthens the CAR candidate’s remarketing skills, emphasizing specific functions applicable to pre and post-sale activities.
CAR-17: Factors Influencing Resale Values The purpose of this course is for the participants to fully understand the various factors that influence used vehicle values. In addition, the participant should learn how to apply the knowledge gained to his or her operation with the goal of maximizing values.
CAR-18: Arbitrage The CAR candidate must be able to illustrate how the factors such as color, options, engine variables, mileage and vehicle condition levels influence resale values. Describe how reconditioning can enhance resale value. Identify and discuss the potential effects arbitrage plays in the remarketing process.




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