Technology Committee Aiming to Boost IARA Audience Engagement

At this year’s IARA Spring Roundtable, the technology committee held a joint meeting with the social media committee to discuss methods to increase user engagment.One of the methods championed was better analyzing website metrics to identify areas where the IARA is doing well, and other areas of its website where it could improve, in order to increase engagement numbers.

Through collaboration with IARA’s social media committee, any changes made to the website will be shared through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The goal of this to boost the frequency of updates on social media to drive audience interaction to the IARA website.  The IARA’s Systems and Communications Administrator, Sharon Sutton, will aid in this effort by finding usage logs of the audience visiting IARA’s website. Sutton will also help remove old or outdated information found on IARA’s website to ensure that all information found on the IARA’s website is current and still relevant.

The technology committee will also look at IARA’s website design, as it currently takes too long to get to news pertaining to the IARA. One method of addressing this that the committee is considering is recomposing the layout of the website to display that information sooner, according to Krishnamoorthy.  Along with boosting user engagement on the IARA website, the technology committee is also looking at ways it can increase participation in the surveys that the IARA distributes to its members.

Looking ahead, the technology committee plans to collaborate with Bobit Business Media to find a few consignors to talk about the technological challenges that they have faced as an organization, and what they’re putting in place, in terms of technology, to overcome those challenges.  Information gathered from these discussions will be published through IARA as a resource for members to gain insights from.

The technology committee also welcomes John Sullivan of GM Financial as a new co-chair.  “I am excited to join Venkat Krishnamoorthy and Steve Solomon on the IARA Technology Committee as a Co-Chair.  Technology has had such a huge impact on our daily productivity and continues to evolve quickly,” he said. “The IARA brings everyone together to share ideas on how this technology can be used to improve our business and I am looking forward to being a part of the discussion and application of these new in technologies in the remarketing industry.”
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