Updates to the CAR Curriculum

The Certification Committee — co-chaired by Nicole Archer of ADESA and Dave Sutton of CARFAX — have outlined some important changes coming to the CAR curriculum.

One of the biggest changes coming to the curriculum is an audio format becoming available. The content will be the same as the current curriculum, but members will now be able to listen to it on the go. The goal behind this change is to make the CAR curriculum more accessible to those who need a different format to pursue CAR certification.

Another big change to the CAR curriculum is eliminating the need to have an outside proctor in order to recertify.  Those who become certified, need to take one recertification test every 3 years, for their certification to remain current.  For 2018, anyone whose certification has lapsed, no matter how long ago, can take the certification test by September 1, 2018, and update their certification to current.  These changes, according to Sutton, were made to recognize the status of those who have already passed the 20 exams that comprise CAR certification, and are have a desire to stay certified.

The completed Canadian version of the CAR Curriculum is slated to be implemented soon. The Canadian edition of the CAR program will exclude U.S.-specific content and will have Canadian-specific content.  Some system changes have already been made to allow a user to select the US or Canadian version of Certification online.  Canadian module material will be added soon.

The CAR program is also now part of Auction Academy curriculum, and the most recent graduates of the CAR program are from Auction Academy, according to Sutton.

Check out our impressive list of CAR graduates here.  Our list keeps growing and represents certified members from 2008 to current date.
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