Board Member Spotlight: Brad Bollman

Whether he’s serving on the IARA board or seated in his full-time position as senior vice president for GM Financial’s North American remarketing operations, Brad Bollman focuses on strategy.

Bollman is committed to ensuring the Alliance’s past strategies are aligned with its current direction with goals to increase the Alliance’s influence with consignors and groups across the auto auction space.

“I think the position we have in the industry is strong,” Bollman said. “I’m a believer that there’s always more that can or should be done. We should look at those opportunities as 2018 unfolds and the others as we gear up for 2019 and beyond.”
GM Financial has been an active member of IARA for years. In kind, Bollman has been an active IARA member since he joined GM Financial in 2013. He served as co-chair of the IARA Standards committee. From that experience, he sought opportunities to increase his involvement with the Alliance.

Bollman’s finance background gives him a unique perspective toward IARA and remarketing alike. Bollman has been in auto finance for more than 20 years, beginning with Chrysler Financial where remarketing was part of his role. He narrowed his focus joining GM Financial’s Remarketing Solutions team five years ago where he leads teams that manage all aspects related to the management of off-lease vehicles.

Bollman provides leadership for the teams who manage lease returns, including grounding and performing vehicle inspections; growing upstream sales through GM Financial’s private-label platform GMF DealerSource®; managing distribution center operations and coordinating GM Financial’s presence across the company’s physical auction footprint in the U.S. and Canada.

Bollman’s outlook for GM Financial and the industry is positive citing a strong year in terms of demand, even with wholesale volumes that have increased year over year.

“Dealer demand, and thus customer demand, has been really strong. We’re seeing good performance from that perspective.”
Bollman’s optimism is in part due to his focus on honing excellent internal processes. He has worked to ensure the right people, processes and systems are in place across GM Financial’s remarketing team. He and his team have focused on supporting the GM dealer network through quality training and significant enhancements to GMF DealerSource, continuing to add useful tools and features.

Proof of his solid leadership and the industry’s positive outlook can be seen in the department’s growth, which has increased significantly in the U.S. and Canadian over the past five years.

“Having a large team is a big undertaking, but it’s been rewarding to see the development of the team and to bring in talented, new team members who are adding to the overall competencies of our remarketing organization,” he said.
The customer experience is at the forefront of GM Financials objectives, ensuring dealer confidence in the vehicles they purchase and in the service that they receive.
“That’s really been our focus when supporting General Motors and our dealers and how we’re managing our increasing off-lease volumes,” Bollman said. “We want to make sure we’re getting the best possible proceeds for vehicles by placing vehicles in the right sales channels, reducing costs as and shortening cycle times.”
To meet those goals, Bollman has a game plan in place to make sure he has the right people empowered to do their jobs. Employee satisfaction is important for meeting operational goals.

“The long-term success of our operations depends on us making GM Financial one of the best places in the industry for people to work and to really make sure we have people who are engaged in what they do on a day-to-day basis. We want to give every employee the opportunity to advance his or her career and grow professionally so that we have a culture at GM Financial to make sure we’re successful – not just in 2018 but for many years to come.”
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