The IARA Job Board: Finding You a Qualified Candidate

The IARA has refreshed its website and the layout of its main page. It is now easier to navigate to is the IARA Job Board.
Easily reachable on the top navigation bar, the IARA Job Board can help you find the right candidate for your company.

The IARA job board offers employers multiple options to get their job listing out there.  Employers may provide the IARA with a link to a company hosted job posting, and the IARA will post a direct link to the posting hosted on a separate website. Or, employers may also provide the IARA with the job listing itself and the IARA will host the job listing on the IARA website.

With hundreds of company members, the IARA Job Board is an ideal place to post your job listing, as you may be able to identify a candidate that is already trained and experienced in the area you’re trying to find a qualified candidate for among the IARA membership.

If you have a position to post on the job board, contact our Systems Administrator at
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