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Board of Directors


Name Title Term Expires
Tony Long, CAR IARA Executive Director  
Jeannie Chiaromonte, CAR   Chairman of the Board/Past President 8/23/2019
Tim Meta         President/ Co-chair Standards Committee 8/23/2019
Paul Seger            Vice President/ Co-chair Awards Committee   8/ 8/23/2019
Mike Antich Secretary / Chair, Public Relations and Media Committee 12/31/2018
Virgil Matczak Treasurer 12/31/2019
Brad Bollman         2nd Vice President 8/23/2019

*Certified Automotive Remarketers are identified using the ‘CAR’ designation.


Name Title Term Expires
Brad Bollman 2nd Vice President 12/31/2020
Chris Clarke, CAR         Director     12/31/2019
Jason Ferreri Director 12/31/2020
John Paonessa Director 12/31/2020
Scott Kolb, CAR Director 12/31/2020
Amy Weisenburger Director 12/31/2019
Mary Haller Director/ Co-Chair, Awards Committee 12/31/2020
Rebecca Hewitt Director 12/31/2020
Mark Cangialosi Director  12/31/2019
Steve Solomon Director 12/31/2020
Tim Bowers, CAR     Director 12/31/2020
  Director 12/31/2020
Lori Murtagh Director 12/31/2021
Allison Kline     Director 12/31/2021
Tim Meta President/ Co-chair Standards Committee 12/31/2021
Paul Seger   Vice President 12/31/2021
Mike Antich Secretary/Chair, Public Relations and Media committee 12/31/2018
Virgil Matczak Treasurer 12/31/2019
Jeannie Chiaromonte, CAR       Board Chair/ Co-Chair, Compliance Committee 12/31/2019
Tony Markel, CAR Director 12/31/2021

*Certified Automotive Remarketers are identified using the ‘CAR’ designation.

Meeting Minutes Archives are available to members upon request. To obtain minutes, members should send an email to the Executive Director of the IARA at director@iara.biz.