Who We Are

The IARA is a nonprofit organization composed of remarketing professionals dedicated to the continuous improvement of the vehicle remarketing industry. IARA was created in 2001 in response to a realization by several vehicle remarketing organizations that this multi-billion dollar per year industry had no direct representative organization. The IARA conducts two semi-annual Roundtable industry meetings, one of which is in conjunction with a national remarketing conference.

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Primary Purpose of The IARA

It is the primary purpose of the IARA to provide a forum in which members are able to maximize remarketed vehicle portfolio values. Functions include:

  • Facilitate standardization of processes within the industry.
  • Provide a medium to facilitate joint initiatives among Alliance members.
  • Develop performance measurements for the industry.
  • Provide a forum for sharing ideas, knowledge, and best practices.
  • Encourage and support member adherence to the IARA Code of Ethics.
  • Share information on legislative and regulatory issues impacting the remarketing industry.
  • Provide a lobbying body to address legislative issues.
  • Provide a process of continuing education focused on the support of best practices in the remarketing industry.

What We Do


The IARA Certified Automotive Remarketer (CAR) Program is designed to formally recognize the experience and knowledge that individuals have acquired in the industry today. The program is more intensive than the Online Remarketing Education Courses and targeted for those who wish to enhance their level of proficiency through a structured program. Learn more about this program and how to enroll.


Educational courses consisting of 12 modules designed to broaden one’s understanding of the remarketing industry have been developed. The courses are available through the online facilities of Northwood University. CEUs and Certificates of Completion are awarded by Northwood. All courses are rigorously reviewed by industry experts for authenticity and accuracy. Find out more about this program and how to enroll.


The IARA continues to recognize many outstanding individuals for their contributions to the remarketing industry and to their communities. Over the past several years, industry leaders such as Jim Moran, Mike Hockett, Mike Richardson, Jim Yates, Larry Brasher, Scott Kolb, and Charlie Vogelheim have been awarded. Learn more and view past award winners.


The several IARA committees provide an excellent opportunity for members to discuss and analyze pertinent matters of the remarketing industry. Committees are actively engaged in topics related to industry standards and performance measurements, developing educational opportunities, and formulating semi-annual industry educational meetings centered on the Roundtable forum. Learn more about the individual committees, or volunteer for a committee.


A highly rated and extremely popular panel, it’s here that dealers provide insights and factors that come into play when making the vehicle purchasing decision.

Why IARA is a Benefit

Remarketers, and those who service the remarketing industry, can benefit by serving on committees that strengthen the industry. Moreover, companies can share knowledge on an ongoing basis. The IARA provides an opportunity for all parties to gain knowledge from one another and better understand each other’s role in the remarketing process. The remarketing issues facing the industry are presented to members for analysis and action. Benefits include:
  • Opportunity to drive change in the industry.
  • Meet and work with professional contemporaries on industry issues.
  • Create new industry achievements and accomplishments working together with peers.
  • Develop new skill sets.
  • Contribute to the industry knowledge and education base.

IARA Value PropositionAnchor

Experience the value of the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance membership.

Corporate Benefits / Value

  • Drive change to help strengthen the remarketing industry
  • Develop industry guidelines for corporate performance standards
  • Participate in educational and training programs—for remarketing executives and entry level managers
  • Discuss, develop and learn various industry best practices
  • Join a forum of remarketers collaborating with peers
  • Experience international growth and exposure
  • Participation in round table seminars to achieve corporate goals

Personal Benefits / Opportunities

  • Learn and earn the recognition of a Certified Automotive Remarketer
  • Gain personal skill set improvements to help meet the changing needs of the remarketing environment
  • Participate in special training programs (i.e., Six Sigma)
  • Strengthen alliances and build relationships with your industry peers
  • Network for the future with the top remarketers in the industry

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