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IARA’s Northwood University Online Remarketing Education Program

The IARA Northwood University Online Remarketing Education Program is
designed to be an educational tool for entry-level remarketing professionals. After students complete the online remarketing orientation course – offered through a partnership with Northwood University – they receive certificates of completion by the university.

For more information about Northwood University visit https://www.northwood.edu/

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Who Should Enroll?

  • Auction Managers
  • Bank employees
  • Fleet Lease Managers
  • Leasing Company employees
  • Manufacturing Organizations
  • Remarketing Service Providers
  • Remarketing Technology Providers
  • Rental-Car Companies
  • Vehicle Inspection Companies
  • Vehicle Value Organizations
  • Used-Car Sales Managers

Program Description


Remarketing Terminology: understand frequently used words and acronyms.
Auction process: what happens when a vehicle is assigned, what is involved in an auction?
Transportation: what is involved in picking up a vehicle and transporting it to its destination?

Unit 2

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN): how each digit has a standard meaning and reference.
Inspections: why they are necessary and who uses them?
Reconditioning: what is the process, nature and extent, and cost?

Unit 3

Ethics: what are standard characteristics of business behavior and code of conduct?
Guidebooks: purpose, what they cover, and how the information is used.
Resale Channels: what opportunities are available for the remarketer to resell vehicles?

Unit 4

Upstream Technology: what types of technology are available?
The Titling Process: fundamentals of titling vehicles.
Conditions and Factors Affecting Vehicle Values: what types of items influence a vehicle‘s selling price?

Purchase Courses

Each of the four Units listed above may be purchased individually. The cost of each Unit is $149 for IARA members and $199 for non-members. For those wishing to purchase all four units, the special discounted price is $397 for IARA members and $547 for non-members.

*Courses purchased by the 20th of any given month must be completed by the end of the next calendar month. Each unit requires an estimated 3 hours to complete (depending on the individual), so please purchase units based on the time you are able to commit. There are no refunds.

COPYRIGHT: By registering and completing the courses, you agree that the courses are the sole property of the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance, and are not to be copied, nor emailed, nor otherwise disclosed to any other party. You agree that the course content is provided for your use and benefit only. Disclosure to any other person without prior written permission from the IARA is a violation of copyright laws and regulations. By paying for the course material, you agree that the course content is copyrighted material and subject to the copyright laws of the United States of America.


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