The IARA is pleased to provide interested individuals with two types of education programs as a means to increase Remarketing Industry knowledge and understanding . Whether you are an experienced Industry professional, or just getting your feet wet in the Remarketing Industry, we hope you will take advantage of these valuable education tools.

Please review the program descriptions below, and see the Northwood Orientation and CAR Program sections for more information about these exciting training opportunities.

Certified Automotive Remarketer (CAR) Program

The Certified Automotive Remarketer (CAR) Program courses and testing are structured for those individuals with Industry experience. These advanced courses provide participants with the opportunity to receive expert Industry recognition and demonstrate their proficiency by passing exams encompassing the highest level of Industry knowledge.

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Northwood University Remarketing Education

(Entry-level training)

The IARA Northwood University Online Remarketing Education Program is geared toward entry-level remarketing professionals. These courses are an excellent introduction to the Remarketing Industry. After students complete the online remarketing orientation course offered through Northwood University they receive certificates of completion by the university.

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Audit & Compliance Training (ACT)


Complying with legal and regulatory requirements in the wholesale automotive remarketing industry is an obligation of everyone. Consignors, physical auctions and online auction platforms, dealers, and vendors to the industry all are subject to legal and regulatory requirements imposed by federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Learn more about Audit & Compliance Training (ACT) for Management.

Audit & Compliance Training (ACT)


This training focuses primarily on federal laws that regulate certain of commercial customers in the remarketing industry. Financial institutions are highly regulated, and while the services your company provides as a remarketing company may not fall into the lending category, it is imperative that your company provide services in a manner that enables clients to remain compliant.

Learn more about Audit & Compliance Training (ACT) for Employees.