Pre-Sale Activities


Course Details
CAR-5: Verification Transportation Grounding
This course will provide the student with a thorough understanding of the identification, documentation, acquisition and transportation process involved in the pre-sale activity.
CAR-6: Reconditioning This program aims to provide the skills required for the participant to run a reconditioning program. The course will be geared toward fleet management / leasing companies, finance companies, and remarketing companies.
CAR-7: Lease Maturity This course will identify the skills required to effectively manage a lease end-of-term program. The outcome to be achieved varies from portfolio to portfolio, or client to client, predicated on the program goals.
CAR-8: Marketing This course provides an insight and a comprehensive guide into what is necessary to develop an effective pre-sale marketing program to maximize the remarketing of a portfolio’s used vehicles.
CAR-9: Services-History Reports/Finance and Warranty The course purpose is to cover two remarketing pre-sale services: Vehicle History Reports (VHR) and Financial Services.
CAR-10: Repossession This course will help CAR candidates recognize and explain the unique elements surrounding repossession processes. Specifically, candidates will be able to explain the activities and functions necessary whenever vehicle repossession takes place. They will also gain insight into determining state-specific repossession laws, as well as how to keep up to date on repossession news and events.




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