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CAR Certification

Certified Automotive Remarketer (CAR) Program Overview

The mission of CAR is to enhance and promote the profession of Vehicle Remarketing by providing the premier credential in the industry. Curriculum includes 20 courses in five units:

1. Remarketing Channels 2. Pre-sale Activities 3. Actual Sale Activities 4. Post-sale Activities 5. Legal, Ethics and Terminology

 A test may be given only for courses where the student has enrolled and paid the appropriate fee. An online system contains all module materials for review and tests.  Module materials can be reviewed online at your convenience prior to taking a tests.  Testing sessions require proctors to be present, except for those who are taking the recertification test.  Those taking the recertification test no longer need a proctor to take the test. 

All tests other than recertification require  proctored sessions that can be arranged as your schedule permits.  Proctored testing opportunities will be available online and at all annual National Remarketing Conferences. See CAR Proctor requirements before scheduling a testing session.  Online/remote proctoring is also available at certain scheduled times.  See Online /Remote Proctor opportunities for more information on online proctoring.

Candidates have three years to complete testing for all 20 courses from the time that the candidate enrolls in the first course.. CAR designations will be awarded during a formal ceremony at the IARA Summer Roundtable event. Certification is valid for three years and will need to be renewed every three years by passing a 40 question recertification exam.

CAR courses may be purchased as an entire set of 20, by Unit, or individually. To enroll and purchase a CAR course, Unit, or the entire set, view the list below and select “Member” if you are an IARA member, or “Non-Member” if you are not. To learn more about how to become a member of the IARA, visit our Membership section. 

Online System Instructions

Online instructions are available for those taking CAR courses.  CAR study materials are also available online once courses are purchased.  A system logon ID is required to access the testing modules and proctors are required to be present during the online testing process.  48 hour notice, prior to testing, is required to for a proctor to obtain proctor credentials.  See CAR Proctor requirements before scheduling a testing session for exams other than the recertification exam.   For those who are already CAR certified and just need to view/print certificates or take a recertification test, see Recertification Instructions.

Overview of CAR Course Units

Remarketing Channels

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CAR-1: Driver/Employee
CAR-2: Dealer
CAR-3: Online Auction
CAR-4: Physical Auction

Pre-sale Activities

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CAR-5: Verification Transportation Grounding
CAR-6: Reconditioning
CAR-7: Lease Maturity
CAR-8: Marketing
CAR-9: Services-History Reports/Finance and Warranty
CAR-10: Repossession

Actual Sale Activities

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CAR-11: Dealer/Auction Selection
CAR-12: Branding and Certification
CAR-13: Pricing and Guidebooks

Post-sale Activities

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CAR-14: Arbitration
CAR-15: Title Process
CAR-16: Benchmarking
CAR-17: Factors Influencing Resale Values
CAR-18: Arbitrage

Legal, Ethics, and Terminology

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CAR-19: Legal and Ethics
CAR-20: Terminology


Continuing Education

The IARA CAR designation is valid for three and one-half years. After two and one-half years, the twelve month CAR Continuing Education period commences in order to be re-certified. If not completed after three years and six months, the certification lapses. Click here to download details about re-certification.


Your feedback on the process, the courses, and suggestions for improvement are encouraged and welcomed. The IARA is proud to be able to offer an opportunity for self- improvement and education within the remarketing industry. Thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity and we hope you enjoy the learning experience. Please submit comments to the Director of the IARA.

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